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Despite this, the British army's helicopters effortlessly ensnare and capture him and the other giants.

They are lifted away onto an isolated uncharted island somewhere in the world where numerous crates of snozzcumber seeds are left with them, much to their fury.

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While hidden, Sophie finds the home of the last human to live with the BFG before becoming a victim of Fleshlumpeater's group.

She leaves his jacket on his bed and finds a portrait of Queen Victoria amongst his belongings.

At his writing desk, the BFG hears her words and smiles.

Adamthwaite, Bacon, Gibbs, Godley, Holmes, Moniz de Sa, and Ólafsson also make cameos as minor London characters.

While there, the giant reveals that his only other alias (other than "runt" which the other giants call him) is "the Big Friendly Giant" and Sophie decides to call him "BFG".