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119 has now been successfully steamed and has gone home where it will undergo more testing before entering service. v=Sz6Nj Qrw5XQ is now available (3rd November 2015).

Congratulations to Gabriel Asenjo of G&G and Shaun Mc Mahon as part of INTI for all the hard work they have put in to get this project so far in a relatively short time. Local magazine Tren Rodante ( - link found broken on 27th October 2017) had an article in edition 202 which covers this, but also an illustrated historical (Spanish language) article on RFIRT (3rd November 2015).

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David Thornhill points out that the UK's Railway Gazette reported an allocation of just over GBP 1 million to renovate the line, welcome, but realistically this is small beer for such a long line (18th October 2007). I have made this available as a PDF file (15th December 2004).

Chris has now (15th December 2005) send me the 2006 timetable too.

Click here for one such (Spanish language) report (3rd June 2000).

Click here for more information (link added 2nd October 2000).

The latter has contact email addresses for operations at both ends of the line.